All-in-one: Personal Hearing Amplifier for The Best Personal TV Listening Experience Rechargeable Pocket Talker Hearing Aid Amplifier for TV Watching, Wireless Headphones Sound Amplifiers for Seniors Adults, Hearing Device Assist Conversation Enhancing Noise Cancelling

  • ENHANCED PERSONAL HEARING IN A HEADSET: Broddio NOW amplifies and clarifies only what you want to hear: in-person conversations, mobile calls, streamed audio, live music, and television dialogue. Designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HEARING – A free mobile app for iOS and Android includes a self-administered hearing assessment. The results are used to automatically generate your hearing baseline. Fine-tune these profiles in real time to achieve the best personal experience for your current TV listening situation.
  • NEVER MISS A WORD – Unique combination of a high quality Personalizable Sound Amplifier that ensures you’ll hear each syllable without cranking up the volume. Enjoy crisp and clear TV audio when watching movies, talkshows, or sitcoms. Transmitting rage is ~30 feet.
  • WATCH TV AND STAY CONNECTED – Pair your Broodio NOW headset to the sound transmitter and to your smartphone. If the smartphone rings while you are watching TV, the Broodio headset will vibrate and you can answer the call with just one click.


4CH、8CH、12CH、16CH WDRC algorithm

Re-chargeable Li-Battery supported

Echo Cancellation algorithm

Widely response from 200HZ-8KHZ

Invisible Design(no conflict for glass)

No stationary effect, more comfortable than BTEs

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