Xiaomi Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush T300 Mijia Tooth Brush Wireless Charge IPX7 Waterproof Adult Smart Ultrasonic Toothbrushe


SKU: 1005001291734500
  • Brand Name: XIAOMI
  • Commodity Quality Certification: 3C
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Size: waterproof toothbrush
  • Type: Acoustic Wave
  • Model Number: T300
  • Material: ABS
  • Quantity: 1


Handle size: L187.5MM/28.5MM
Product Name: Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush T300
Constant voltage: 5V
Rated power: 2W
Waterproof rating: IPX7
Handle net weight: 109g
Charging: 4h
Packing size: 101 × 211 × 33.7mm
Product gross weight: 215g
The package contains:
Fan handle / power shaft protection cover
Color ring × 3 / charging line / brush head
Brush head cover / instructions
Packing Include
  Brush head x1
  Charging cable x1
  Manual x1
  Toothbrush handle x1
  Brush head cover x1
  Color circle x3
  Power shaft protection cover x 1

High frequency vibration magnetic suspension motor–Powerful clean

10° stable swing, deep cleaning the blind spot
230gf.cm torque output, keeping the bristles 10° stable swing, driving the water and toothpaste foam in the mouth
Form a small pulse force, impact the blind area of the teeth, clean and stubborn plaque.

Rust-free and metal-free brush head
Safe and hygienic, efficient cleaning

Brush head does not contain metal copper, The new type of planting technology is different from the metal planting process to keep the brush head away from metal and avoid potential hazards.
The brush head is increased by about 40%, which increases the contact area between the bristles and the tooth surface, making the teeth clean and more efficient.

brush head withUV sterilization vacuum packaging
Safe care, use it with confidence

*DuPont* soft bristles complying with FDA* standards are selected, and antibacterial molecules are added at the same time. Each brush head is UV sterilized.

Smart modes to meet various needs
Two-speed mode with mode memory
Intimately record your preferences

With the memory function, the automatic cleaning mode is selected automatically.
The standard mode meets the daily cleaning needs, and the soft mode is suitable for beginners or gum sensitive people.

Scientific timing, develop good brushing habits

30s Smart zone reminder
Make sure that the four sections of the brushing are evenly whitened
2min Scientific timing
Doctor recommended time is 2 minutes each time
25 days of endurance Ideal companion for travel
With Type-C charging, it takes only 4 hours to charge up.

One-body simple body, IPX7 waterproof rating

Adopting multiple injection molding integrated molding process, the different parts of the fuselage are "sealed" and connected
Seamless, reaching 1PX7 waterproof rating. The body is white matte design, simple and clean, elegant outlook.

Back anti-slip bump design
Seamless switch button design –No longer worry about the adhesion of water immersion and toothpaste

Bottom replaceable color ring design prevent mixing of family
Mijia Sonic electric toothbrush multi-color ring design, intimately add easy-to-use
multi-color ring on the bottom of the toothbrush can help family choose their own brush and avoid mixing.


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